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Couple Dance Ball

We are proudly present Intan Couple Dance Ball, the most advanced Dance System in Second Life (SL).

Top Feature list:

On Demand rez poseball

The poseballs for dance is rezzed just on demand.
Touching the dance ball, will rez the poseball near you. Then you just jump on the poseball. The rezzed poseball will derez automatically in time, so keep clean your room from messy poseballs.

Dance Anyplace

Not likely the traditional couple poseballs, that you put the dance poseball in world, so when you want to dance at other place you need another poseball, or move the one you have. The Intan Couple Dance Ball, let you choose your prefered place to dance. Once you found the best location, then touch the Couple Dance Ball.

Intan Couple Dance Ball capable to be used over all your sim, what ever the height or location. Powering Intan Couple Dance Anyplace, will be make the Couple Dance Ball easier to touch. You can use in multiroom-environment, sky-boxes, separated home/club, or etc. For security purposes, the Couple Dance Ball just response if the object have same owner.

ferventMe! Web Services, with ferventMe! HUD, the Head Up Display

ferventMe! Web Service bring you immersive experience while using the Intan Couple Dance Ball, instead using the old style black/blue SL Dialog menu. It list all available menu selection for you to select. You can easily scroll up and down to see all the available animations, avoiding pagination for the menu. ferventMe! Web Service is accessible from in-world ferventMe! HUD, external browser, and/or your mobile device. Just go to and you will be asked for login credentials with password, that you can set by using the ferventMe! HUD at first.

ferventMe! Web Service will adapt with the condition you have in-world. If you just alone on the poseball, the Web Service will show you only the selection of solo dances; If you are on the poseball with your partner, the Web Service will show you the selection of couple dances.

Solo Dance Selection, act as Solo Dance Machine

By using ferventMe! Web Services, you can change your solo dance when you have no partner. Further you can turn off your pair of poseball, so no one can join and bothering you dance in solo mode.

Swap Animation

With ferventMe! Web Services, there are swap button on each couple animation, you can just click/tap on the swap icon on specific couple animation to swap the specific animation. You just need to use the swap button when you really need to use the couple animation swapped and it will play normally when you select other couple animation.

Auto Change Dance

The traditional couple poseballs, just let you dance with one type of dance. With Intan Couple Dance Ball, You and Your partner can select mode for auto change. We provide you 3 modes for auto change which Random, Sequential, And Synchronized, it will give you a very different experience of dance with your partner.

Tag Filtering

Manage you preferred dances to be use at onetime with Tag-Filtering. Once you might just dance Latin with your partner, or may be slow-dance. With Tag Filtering, you can filter the dances inside the Couple Dance Ball, so easier to navigate and select dances.
The Tag Filtering also affect the Auto Change Dance, so you can use the Auto Change Mode just for your preferred kind of dance.

Web Control Panel

Setting and preference of Intan Couple Dance Ball are accessible and ease to change from user friendly Web Control Panel. There is a link at the right side when you are already logged in on this web. Alternatively you, as Owner or Manager of the Intan Couple Dance Ball, can click-and-hold the Intan Couple Dance Ball for about 5 seconds and you will be given a unique url that you can follow to the Control Panel page to configure the Intan Couple Dance Ball.

Intan Appliance (EXPERIMENTAL!!!)

Extend your Intan Couple Dance Ball and bind some animations to appliance in your surrounding, and you are no-need to jump-out then jump-in from one poseball to another poseball to move from one appliance/furniture to another. With Intan Appliance, each appliance will have different menu from your main menu of Intan Couple Dance Ball. You can hide private animations and only access by Intan Appliances.

Due to complexity and time consuming setup, this feature still in experimental state. To use and setup Intan Appliance feature, you need to get Intan Appliance Enabler Package, excluded from Intan Couple Dance Ball package.

Intan Couple Dance Ball is delivered with 3 slow dances and hug as sample. You will load it with your preferred couple dances as there are already many residents in SL that make good couple dances.

You can learn more in Documentation Page
If you feel the loading process is a hard, risky, or time consuming job, you can contact Professional Authorized Loader in Intan Eksotics group to use Loading Service. You will be asked to send couple dance poseballs that you want to load.

You can watch video tutorial for the loading process for Intan Couple Dance Ball version 2. Intan Couple Dance Ball version 3 does not require any notecard.