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Networked Dance System

Networked Dance System is specifically made for clubs, as clubs always need special dances for their dancer to entertain guests. Usually, club owner have to buy multiple set of pole or chair to be used by many dancer. As want how many dancer to be dance at once, club owner have to buy that kind of number of pole or chair dance.

With Intan Networked Dance System, you just need to buy one pole dance or chair dance and they can be used for many dancer at once. Even make all the dancer dance in synchronized, imagine you have 8 dancer do the same dance and same movement at a time.

Except Networked Table Dance, The Networked Pole Dance and Networked Chair Dance are ship exclude the dance animation. You can buy the animation from other vendor and then take all animations from the original pole/chair, and put the animations to the Server box of the Networked Dance System.

Intan Networked Chair Dance The Client part of Intan Networked Dance System are the special tip-jars that you can copy to place over all your dance room. The tip-jars itself can split tips to multiple owner-partner, no limitation for number of partners, and of course split with the dancer.

And for fun, it's compatible with Intan Gairah clothes and also Xcite! Sex System. Compatible with Intan Gairah clothes, for automatic strip the dancer if got certain amount of tip, so tipper will be have much more and willingness to tip more. And compatible with Xcite! Sex System, will arouse dancer if he/she use Xcite! Sex System.