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Video Tutorial - Loading Process Intan Couple Dance Ball

Monday, June 30, 2008

Intan Couple Dance Ball version 3 Notes

This video tutorial is made for loading Intan Couple Dance Ball version 2.
If you just purchase a new Intan Couple Dance Ball, you will have version 3.
You also can upgrade your Intan Couple Dance Ball for free, more information can be read here.

Intan Couple Dance Ball version 3 does not use configuration notecard anymore and it use different method to recognize couple dances. While you watching this video tutorial for loading version 3, you can bypass this 2 steps:

  • By pass load any notecard, including configuration notecard. Just load the animations only!
  • By pass renaming animations shown in part 2 of the video tutorial. You can ignore the part 2.

About this video tutorial

In this tutorial, I use Bits & Bobs Slowdance v3 and Slowdance v7, and Jesse Sexy Motions Skyduet. The loading of the 3 dances should represent most common couple dances to be loaded into Intan Couple Dance Ball

  • Bits & Bobs Slowdance v3, represent most common loading process that no need to rename any animations.
  • Bits & Bobs Slowdance v7, represent loading process for couple dances that their animations need to be renamed as needed by the Configuration Card.
    Common dances that need to rename, Ballroom, Slowdance v6, Slowdance v7, Tango, and some other Bits & Bobs cuddle poses.
  • Jesse Sexy Motion Skyduet, represent loading process that have same name for male and female animation and have no-modify permission.
    Almost Jesse Sexy Motion's dances need on this way, and may some other vendor that deliver their couple dances animation in no-modify permission and have same name for male and female animation.

Please watch this 2 video tutorial at once, if you load version 2 Intan Couple Dance Ball. If you directly watch the part 2, you may miss some important information or process that already be done in part 1.

Extra Note

I'm apologize at first if you find that my English is not good, as it's not my native language.
Any comment or suggestion, please feel free drop IM in Second Life.
And please do not use the SL Media Browser, as it's not support embed video on this page. Just open this page in your normal browser. And make sure that you able to watch video from as the videos are hosted at youtube.

Part 1

If you are loading Intan Couple Dance Ball version 3, you just need to watch this part and you can avoid loading any notecard.
If the video is not loading, you can watch at YouTube