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Update: Intan Eksotics Web, Linked Account

Wednesday, March 15, 2017

We are adding linked accounts to Intan Eksotics Web and ferventMe! Web Service. With linked accounts, you can link your Google and/or facebook account and use them to log to Intan Eksotics Web or ferventMe! Web Service. There is advantage using the linked account:

  1. Less password to remember to your online activity.
  2. Easier to login, with just one click you may login when your browser already login into the linked Google/facebook account.
  3. On most case, you would no need to entry username and password.

To be note, by linking your Google and/or facebook account, Intan Eksotics will have some more information (fullname and email address) from your linked account relate to your Second Life account. If you feel inconvenience with this feature, DO NOT link your account and use traditional Second Life Account and Intan Password. This feature is optional and only be used to know who is login and provide the right information on Intan Eksotics Web and ferventMe! Web Service.

Update (2017-11-22)
Due inconsistence and less flexibility with facebook, we disable the link with facebook account. You still can link your Google Account for convenience login.